EcoLogicaMente in Naples

EcoLogicaMente in Naples

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As? EcoLogicaMente ... There Market exhibition of critical consumption and sustainable development EcoLogicaMente returns to the scene in Naples from 23 to 26 May 2013, organized by the Municipality of Naples (Communication Area) and with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and the Campania Region. This is the third edition.

What is EcoLogicaMente's message in Naples? Already being able to inform citizens on the many proposals in the various sectors of the green economy it would not be bad, if we managed to promote good environmental practices it would be the best. In the past two editions, the result was important, and the exhibition of eco-sustainable products and services was also successful.

The special thing about EcoLogicaMente Naples is that it is a fair organized in the heart of a city for years considered at risk and which is now redeeming itself. A redemption that sees it become a showcase of the actions carried out, ideas, projects and initiatives concerning the protection and revitalization of the territory and the environment and social initiatives.

EcoLogicaMente does it involve and interest businesses? Certainly, indeed, above all businesses. The business side of EcoLogicaMente Naples provides a large program of events and initiatives for comparison between companies, institutions, professional associations and the university world. The goal is to aggregate skills and professionalism, and create a network that takes advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by green economy.

Conferences, forums, workshops and round tables of EcoLogicaMente will take place at the headquarters ofIndustrial Union of Naples, ofAssociation of Building Builders of Naples, and at the Casina Pompeiana of the Villa Comunale.

The exhibition area of EcoLogicaMente will be set up from 23 to 26 May on the Naples waterfront, where around 200,000 contacts are expected over the four days of the event. The world of the green economy will be divided into sectors: Garden and public green; Organic food and zero km; Green mobility; Alternative energies; Energy efficiency; Bio-architecture; Third sector and Common Goods Fair (with the main non-profit organizations and voluntary organizations); Corporate social responsibility; Eco-sustainable trade and craftsmanship.

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