The global capacity of the Wind

The global capacity of the Wind

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L'wind energy is growing rapidly, only in 2012 the global capacity it has increased by around 20 percent. According to the data released by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), during 2012, 45 gigawatts (GW) of power from wind farms; of these, 12.6 GW were installed in the United States while 35 percent of new installations last year occurred in China which in 2013 plans to add another 18 GW of power from wind.

As for the European Union, thewind energy came to life with the industry offshore; it was estimated that one was installed offshore wind turbine per day, for each working day in 2012.

How much wind energy is produced in the world?
The ability of wind turbines installed in every country in the world, it amounts to 282.5 GW. The graph below shows us the growth trend ofwind energy from 1996 to today. While just over one GW of power was installed in 1996, in 2011 the installed power supply capacity increased to 40 GW reaching a cumulative power of 238 GW.

L'offshore wind energy, for many countries, it is still too expensive. The industry leader is the UK immediately followed by Denmark. Belgium, China, Germany, Holland and Sweden can already count on a good energy capacity produced byoffshore while for other countries, this sector is far too expensive. Also in this case we are helped by a table showing the wind power produced by offshore plants.

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