Brides traveling to Milan

Brides traveling to Milan

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AAA wedding dresses wanted, and women willing to wear them. There fashion show NOT SHOW Brides in Travel is at the starting line and joins the Fashion Week of Milan: not to criticize, but to say that there is something else besides fashion: art and green fashion for example. Here's what you need to know.

Pippa Bacca (Giuseppina Pasqualino of Marineo 1974-2008) is the Milanese artist who died in 2008 while he was carrying out his project Traveling brides, an extraordinary performance that proposed hitchhiking 11 countries affected by wars - dressed in wedding dress - to bring a message of peace.

In memory of Pippa Bacca, Friday 22 February, to Milan, on the occasion of the opening day of the exhibition Natura Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015, will be held there NOT SHOW of women (sponsored by Province of Milan) that will touch some key points of the city.


The initiative is open and registrations are in progress (see below): at show NOT SHOW Traveling brides women of all ages and nationalities can participate, freely and for free. Just wear a white wedding dress, with the addition of a photograph of Pippa Bacca (the organization will take care of this) portrayed during her last performance.

Since the NON PARADE fashion show Spose in Viaggio includes several stages and will move around Milan using the subway, all participants will be offered the daily ATM tickets free necessary to be able to do the entire route without facing expenses.

All the women in the show 'will symbolically become' Pippa Bacca on this city journey, making a further stage of the journey with which the artist intended bring life, joy and trust into the world. The NON PARADE SHOW will thus be a clear and emblematic tribute to the Milanese artist's latest work.

The coincidence of the event with the very Milanese Fashion Week it is certainly not a coincidence because the event Natura Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015 fits into this context as an event dedicated to critical fashion which operates according to principles of sustainability.

In the premises of Asti area 17, in Milan, where the exhibition will take place from 22 to 24 February Natura Donna Impresa Towards Expo 2015, in fact, the collections of about thirty (as of today, 10 February, the selection is still ongoing) of emerging designers (all women) of critical fashion and ofecodesign.

The NOT PARADE then does not criticize the official fashion system, but carries a message that is 'other' than that of the brands. The choice ofhomage to Pippa Bacca depends on the 'unconventionality' of the Milanese artist and woman, granddaughter of another illustrious Milanese, Piero Manzoni. In a wedding dress, the highlight of the fashion shows, because this is the dress that Pippa he had chosen for his journey of hope, love and life.

Turning to the service info, the organization looks for white wedding dresses is volunteers available to wear them for the NON SHOW fashion show on February 22nd. Have you never married but want to participate? Ask your mother, grandmothers, aunts, friends, sisters, cousins ​​... The important thing is that it is white (beige / cream shades valid). Can't find a white dress but still want to participate? You will be given one.

It will be an exciting experience of participation and sharing, and there will remain a memory. A professional photographer will immortalize every moment of the NON-SHOW Spose in Viaggio fashion show and the photos will be exhibited in Spazio Asti 17 in Milan on 23 and 24 February, as well as visible in the gallery of the website of Natura Donna Impresa.

For info and subscriptions: [email protected]

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