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To read a ebook in place of the classic printed book, is it really good for the planet? The debate has been going on for a long time. The spread of Tablet it will make printed books a thing of the past, an obsolete invention. The impact of a ebook on the environment, however, users respond well.

Read ebooks, the benefits for the user
Putting aside a more nostalgic spirit, in practice, read an ebook it's even more comfortable! There is no need for lighting, so you can to read directly to bed without having to go down and turn off the light at the end of the reading! Bookmarks, with a ebook, they are not lost and other practicalities are not lacking; With the'iBooks, the iPad and iPhone multimedia library, for example, you can highlight the salient features of a book, place markers, copy and paste, annotations… you can find a specific paragraph simply with the search function…!

The most nostalgic cannot detach themselves from the classic books; let's try to make some practical considerations. Paper is destined to deteriorate, it can be crumpled and… printed paper, like everything else, is subject to a specific economic system. This determines its characteristics, its margins… it is not a question of knowledge but of the market. Knowledge can be contained in a printed book as much as in an ebook, as in the words of a person with more experience. The book is just an object, not an emblem.

But back to the question begin, read an ebook instead of print, is it really good for the planet?
It depends! As often happens, an absolutist answer is missing. It depends on the use made of the electronic device or the printed book: according to the study entitled "Energy Use of Print vs Electronic Media“, Led by Tejo Pydipati, la reading a document it pollutes less if it is on printed paper when the same document is consulted by several people.

Read ebooks, where to find them?
On the portal of La Feltrinelli, many books are also available in digital version. Ebook can be found on the AppStore, on Amazon and… there are portals that allow you to download ebook free. A few examples?

  2. Athena millennium .it
  3. Italian library .it
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  9. Ebook

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