EOS: the Green Business Path

EOS: the Green Business Path

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Luisa De Marco, president of Gorizia and Udine Fiere, presented the 'sustainability fair'

The Path of Green Business is the claim of EOS - Exposition of Sustainability, the first Italian show dedicated to ideas that reduce carbon footprint of human activities. The event - it is forbidden to call it fair - will take place in Udine from 17 to 19 May dedicated to three main areas: green products, sustainable mobility is services, always of the green type.

National debut, free admission and great curiosity, also for the convention formula that should make it different (but let's wait to see) from the fairs as we are used to knowing them, EOS was presented to the press today, January 29, in Milan.

Not just stands and not just products, even if both things will not be missing, EOS above all, it announces conferences and meetings with experts to keep up to date and update on new ones frontiers of sustainability. That's why the organizers of Udine and Gorizia Fairs they speak of this appointment as of sustainability fair, a 'container of contents' built around the concrete theme of carbon, water and sound footprint: protection of the environment, but also support for competitiveness.

EOS - Exposition of Sustainability it is sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Kyoto Club, Province of Udine, Municipality of Udine, and is supported by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The event will cover an area of ​​15,000 square meters of exhibition space and will see 100 companies (this is the number of those present to date) mainly engaged in thematic workshops: from eco-cooking to the reuse, give her smart city ai green jobs, from fashion to mobility. Italian companies, but not only: Austria, Slovenia and France are also well represented.

In the three days of EOS we will talk about bioarchitecture and technological innovations that come to the aid of the difficult conditions of the planet, but also of one of the most followed times in Italy, namely food: the good 0 km cooking and i products a low carbon emissions will be the protagonists of the event, whose purpose is finally to raise awareness of citizens and businesses on the daily choices that affect the climate change.

In the wake of the climate change there is also the pavilion that EOS dedicates to sustainable mobility: discovering regional and Italian best practices for a new relationship with means of transport: light travel with lower emissions that raise the quality of life and the environment. A trial track is planned for bicycles e electric or hybrid motorcycles: an outdoor space, in this case, to personally test the effectiveness and usefulness of two environmentally friendly wheels.

EOS is proposed as an event to discover the feasibility of an economy with low CO2 emissions, more competitive and able to exploit resources in an efficient and sustainable way ", he has declared Luisa De Marco, president of Udine and Gorizia Fiere. “A fair, therefore, where to discover the possible scenarios of the future, where new technologies and green production methods will be presented”.

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