All passwords can be cracked

All passwords can be cracked

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A green advice? Strengthen your passwords. I just did it with mine on Twitter, LinkedIN, Gmail, Google+, Facebook ..., cell phone, pc ... not that I have anything to defend (and spam doesn't bother me that much), but I don't like being spied on. nobody. And then there is home banking, this is serious stuff: not that I have much to protect, this does upset me, but you will understand that ...

Why so much concern? Because soon, by the end of 2013 it seems, 9 out of 10 passwords will be vulnerable to hacker in seconds. To say it is Deloitte in his TMT Prediction, the appointment every January with which the analysis company addresses the main technological trends, and with them the habits of consumers at a global level, to forecast their development over the course of the year.

Every day, several times a day, we use different types of passwords to access mobile phones and PCs, social networks and business applications, credit cards and our current account. Some are safer (so to speak) others less so. The Deloitte study highlights how the use of the password alone will no longer guarantee the data security, the password theft it will always be easier.

If it is true that in a keyboard the potential combinations are about 6 million billion, knowing the 10,000 most common passwords 98% of accounts can be accessed. In fact, we often use simple passwords (even here so to speak) or we reuse the same passwords… and in any case there are tools that can verify all the combinations in 5 and a half hours.

Solutions? There Multi Factor Authentication, or associating another authentication method with the password, such as sending sms / emails, USB sticks or biometric accessories such as fingerprint or retina scanning. Let's get ready, because it will be with these systems, perhaps a bit cumbersome but necessary, that we will defend ourselves from the Internet.

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