Energy Intelligence: consumption in the company down

Energy Intelligence: consumption in the company down

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Energy consumption under control through a dashboard

Energy Intelligence to reduce consumption in the company. Let's think: over a third of the global energy used in a year by a company is absorbed by the production plants, which are not always optimized to achieve the lowest possible consumption. Unfortunately, most businesses don't have information on the amount of daily energy absorbed.

In fact, many companies, beyond what is reported in the monthly bills of the consumption of water, gas and electricity, do not have the detail of energy consumption. This is a problem because it prevents them from accurately identifying areas for improvement.

In order to implement valid interventions of reduction of consumption, companies should instead have the data of each specific production area available in order to track the energy requirements and variations, both at the level of individual lines and of the entire production site.

This is why the software systems related to production plants are now also added functions of Energy Intelligence. One of the most popular tools of Energy Intelligence is the package FactoryTalk VantagePoint Energy developed by Rockwell Automation.

FactoryTalk allows production managers to have complete visibility on energy consumption at the level of specific units, lines and machines, and to be able to make more informed decisions on the management of energy resources.

Once the energy consumption, companies can implement a series of behavioral changes to improve theenergy efficiency and reduce costs. The system of Energy Intelligence in fact, it allows you to correlate energy information at the machine level with data from third-party control systems, with process and business data.

With the'energy intelligence, in fact, the process of transforming information relating to production into structured data is also extended to the energy sector (manufacturing intelligence) to support an informed decision-making process. All within a single application, with the aim of improving theenergy efficiency, but also and above all that of global production and to increase profits.

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