Ecological sunglasses

Ecological sunglasses

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We have already seen ecological sunglasses, made from recycled plastic, the truth is that almost all models of Sun glasses they are made of plastic, so while they help us to withstand the sun's rays, their production is harmful to the planet. Some designers have sought a greener solution by proposing Sun glasses in woody material: hemp, linen and kenaf.

In designing and manufacturing these ecological sunglasses, the designers have aimed at a durable product, capable of facing a long life cycle in order to reduce the production of waste.

On the market they are found wooden sunglasses, just think of the models launched a few seasons ago by Gucci. The problem is that these sunglasses are made of fine wood, sometimes the wood comes from tropical forests. The Ecological sunglasses designed by designer Marius Temming, they exploit natural fibers quite common, easy to find and above all, easy and immediate to grow. This is the common hemp, the kenaf, a piata belonging to the Malvaceae family, similar to the better known hemp and flax fibers. These woody fibers, involved in an easy production process, give life to one eco-friendly resin, ready for use.

To build the mount, the designer Temming has well thought of incorporating a clip in into the frame of the glasses bioplastic, available in different colors. The clip works as a "hinge" and allows you to change the appearance of the glasses quickly and easily. The addition of the clip aims to increase the life cycle of the glasses: being customizable and "changeable ", the consumer, instead of buying more pairs of glasses, will simply change the clips so as to always match them with the dress he wears.

The final product integrates high quality Carl Zeiss lenses and all the finishes made to the ecological eyewear frame they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, heat resistant and do not cause sweat.

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