Cordless electric lawn mower

Cordless electric lawn mower

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Mow the grass the garden is a nuisance for some. And also for the environment it may not be a good moment: lawnmower exhaust fumes, topping up with lubricating oil, bulky grass clippings ... we feel like champions of nature as we struggle with tools in hand, instead we are polluting. What if we try to make it easier?

For example with a cordless electric lawnmower with rechargeable lithium battery: turns on, mows the grass and is stored in the garage. No cables connected to the mains during shaving, no fuel or oil tanks and very little maintenance: just a lot of practicality to zero emissions.

Obviously we are talking about an unprofessional tool and suitable for small lawns: exactly what many are looking for in order not to go crazy with the purchase of tools out of proportion to the needs, and the desire to use them. This is why, given that we are here, in addition to zero emissions it is important that the lawnmower minimizes the waste material of the mowing, leaving only chopped grass on the lawn that becomes fertilizer.

A lawnmower with these characteristics has recently put it on the market Alpine, pulling out the wireless technology to ensure maximum manageability in the care of small gardens. A green idea that seems to have neglected no detail.

Everything seems to be under the banner of practicality and ease of use: starting with the handle equipped with a double-control safety switch that guarantees maximum control during use. The quick release fasteners, on the other hand, allow you to adjust the inclination and height of the handle in the most comfortable position and allow it to be folded, reducing its dimensions to a final size of one meter in length by about 50 cm in height.

And if the handle on the top of the deck allows you to lift and transport the lawnmower quickly and comfortably, even the charging system is practical and fast: the battery is easily removable thanks to the foldable handle, it is equipped with an LED charge indicator and recharges quickly.

Yes, but does it cut well? The Alpina lawnmower is equipped with a system for centralized adjustment of the cutting height: 6 different positions (from 25 to 75 mm) that allow you to choose the option that best suits the type of terrain and the result you want to achieve. The comb on the front, in addition to carrying out the action of anti-scalp protection, helps to easily convey the blades of grass towards the blades, while the transparent window on the 40-liter collection bag allows you to check at a glance the fill level.

The 250 mm rear wheels ensure maximum stability even on uneven ground for a high quality cut even in the most difficult contexts. Finally, the aforementioned is also standard mulching kit which finely chops the cut grass and distributes it on the soil to fertilize it.

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