What to do with the old technology?

What to do with the old technology?

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For this Christmas you got the new one iPhone? iPod touch? iPad? iPad mini or did you prefer an Android device? Which one did you choose? What colour? With what capacity? Have you already installed any nice applications? In fact, it doesn't matter if you're from the Android or iOS team. What matters is the answer to this question: what will you do with your old cell phone? The same question arises whether you have bought or been given a new TV or notebook… as you mean scrap your old technology?

The data collected by a German agency highlights the presence of 83 million disused cell phones, now forgotten in the drawers and closets of the house. Yours cell phone will it increase this estimate or do you foresee a different destiny? As conservative as Italians are, if the TVs were smaller or the wardrobes large enough, it wouldn't surprise me to know that even those are not properly disposed of but accumulate without a valid reason other than that "but it's still functional! ".

If the Electronic device it is still functional, you just have to give it away or sell it. To who? Remember, what a I decline for another person it may still be a usable resource. Just place a free ad on one of the many portals available on the web. The most popular is "eBay Classifieds“.

On the web page, at the top right, choose the item "Publish for free". Select the category and provide a description of the object. Specify conditions and add a photo. If you intend to sell it, don't be afraid to put a price too low, better a minimum income rather than letting your electronic surplus rot! If you want to give it as a gift, enter a symbolic price (1 euro!) And specify the reason in the description. Finally click on "Post Announcement".

If theappliance to be disposed of it doesn't work, be it a notebook or an oven, there is little to do. It will have to be treated like a electronic rejection. Components can usually be saved from the computer, the easiest to recover is the Hard Disk memory. Once this is done, look for theecological island nearest and deliver yours weee refusal. If you do not know who to contact, the portal of the WEEE Coordination Center will indicate theecological island nearest.

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