Smart Grid, the highways of energy arrive

Smart Grid, the highways of energy arrive

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Europe needs one smart grid more energy efficient. We need infrastructure such as gas pipelines and electricity grids that can make the market more competitive, the grid more flexible and above all, an integrated system for supplies. The situation is particularly critical in Italy, where, due to an efficient electricity network, competition from the energy sector is very weak.

In 2013, the Energy Commission of the European Parliament should examine the regulation Ten-E, trans european energy networks. The goal is to encourage competition between operators, reduce the CO2 emissions and take it to the user's home lighter bills with an ever increasing share of clean energy.

Currently, a project "priority“, Awaits a process that lasts an average of 10 years for its approval. With the regulation Ten-E, the average waiting time will drop to three years and six months to ensure shorter times for the approval of a project labeled as priority. The regulation identifies twelve corridors priority ofpower.

Italy is present in five of these corridors. A fundamental intervention for the boot is the elimination of the so-called bottlenecks That causes "energy congestion ", in this sense, the preparation of more capacious and interconnected lines, capable of sorting the energy produced by the alternative sources, primarily wind power is solar.

Three other corridors involving Italy, see the protagonists Gas supplies. In the southern corridor of Italy it should be transported to Europe, the methane from the Caspian. In this sense, the Russian Gazprom and our Eni, together with other partners, have started the construction of the line South Stream. The problem with South Stream is that it does not bring a breath of fresh air to Italy. This is a variant of the traditional supplies from Moscow which, however, avoids the passage into Ukrainian territory thanks to a stretch of pipeline submarine in the Black Sea.

A breath of fresh air will be brought from the corridor that sees a maxi network of the North Sea. The network will connect the offshore wind farms on the mainland, the network includes an electric and a gas plan capable of putting an end to the isolation of the Baltic area in the energy market. Especially in the industry gas, we see a single main supplier, Russia. Because of this "leadership "monopolistic misconduct is not excluded.

Finally we talk about Smart Grid, the regulation mentions its development together with electric highways to speed up the spread of clean energies. CCs, technologies for capturing and storing carbon dioxide from power plants powered by fossil fuels.

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