Arbutus jam

Arbutus jam

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Arbutus jam, recipe and advice: how to make strawberry tree jam natural or with Fruttapec. How to eat strawberry trees and useful tips.

Note: the fruits of the strawberry tree are calledstrawberry trees, just as it happens with other fruits where the tree is called with a masculine noun (apple, peach, pear ...) while the fruit is identified with a feminine noun (apple, peach, pear ...).

For the strawberry tree the rule does not change, the fruit is calledstrawberry tree! Despite that"rule" the masculine identification of the fruit is therefore commonstrawberry trees.

Strawberry trees, how they are eaten

THE strawberry trees are eaten intact, as well as collected. They are eaten when fully ripe otherwise they would have a bitter taste. THE ripe strawberry trees they are soft to the touch while the very ripe ones can be described as “spreadable” due to their particular consistency. In addition to being consumed naturally, i strawberry trees are eaten also in the form of marmaladeor take it for the preparation of a good oneliquor. Let's see the recipe.

Arbutus jam

The ripe fruits of strawberry tree they keep poorly, they are very soft and delicate, therefore they ferment easily. The best way to preserve and savor strawberry trees even out of season, it is by preparing excellent jams. There strawberry tree jam it is very simple to prepare and requires only three ingredients: le strawberry trees, lemon and sugar. This is the natural recipe, there are those who prefer the use of Fruttapec but we do not recommend it and after we will explain why.

Arbutus jam, recipe

  • strawberry trees
  • lemon
  • sugar

As you have noticed, the doses are missing. The strawberry trees they are extremely sweet, the quantity of sugar and lemon are at the discretion of the consumer's palate. If you want reference doses, you can use:

  • 1 kg of strawberry trees,
  • 300 g of sugar
  • juice of one lemon
  • zest of one lemon

As for the procedure, this is also very simple!

Arbutus jam, how it's done

Prepare a puree of strawberry trees. The strawberry trees, being very soft, can be passed by hand with a colander.

Insert the fruits, a little at a time, into the colander, press, collect the pulp and set the scraps aside. The puree can be used for the preparation of sweets or jams.

Add the lemon juice to the puree and finally add the sugar. It is advisable to add less than half the weight of the puree. For example, for 700 grams of strawberry puree add 250 grams of sugar. For lemon juice, one lemon can be added for every kg of strawberry trees.

Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring often in the mixture.

The sauce is already very dense so there is no need to concentrate the jam that is ready as soon as it starts to boil, not bad for our finances, at least we save some money on gas! Place the marmalade in airtight jars.

Arbutus jam with Fruttapec

There fruitpec serves to reduce fruit boiling times to just a few minutes. Perhaps in very long preparations it can be useful but it is not needed instrawberry jam recipe. In addition, Fruttapec can naturally be replaced by apple pulp which brings natural pectins to the jam with an effect similar to that of Fruttapec.

How to grow the strawberry tree

The strawberry tree it is a fruit tree that tolerates winter cold very well. The best season to prepare strawberry jam it is undoubtedly late autumn. In this period it will be possible to find seasonal fruits.

The strawberry tree it is a very beautiful tree, it has the characteristic greedy foliage and usually reaches three or four meters in length. In some exceptions it can even reach eight to nine meters. Can be used as an ornamental tree for the garden. Its leaves are persistent, green in color and can be grown as a sapling.

For all information: how to grow the strawberry tree

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