BogoBrush, the biodegradable toothbrush

BogoBrush, the biodegradable toothbrush

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When we think of disadvantaged people we certainly do not dwell on them oral hygiene; however, there are caries, stomatitis and other terrible infections that can attack the oral cavity due to poor hygiene.

Another connection that does not come naturally to us is that between eco-sustainability, beautiful design, social responsibility and toothbrush. The concepts listed above can have a common denominator, the Bogobrush, lo ecological toothbrush and high social responsibility: for every toothbrush Bogobrush sold, the company will give one away to populations who do not have access to dental care.

Bogobrush it's a toothbrush biodegradable, it will donate us a smile more ecofriendly while providing healthy oral hygiene to patients in partner centers in Detroit, Atlanta and Minnesota. For many of us, Brush your teeth it is such an immediate and banal action. We don't even stop to think about caries, our aim is to have white teeth, shiny, enameled… do not fight stomatitis and infections.

It is possible to buy a Bogobrush for $ 10 (about € 7.60), or take out an annual subscription for a cost of $ 40 (about € 30.50), with the subscription, every three months a new biodegradable toothbrush will be delivered to our home. Bobobrush is produced by Milk Design and according to distributors, over 450 million toothbrushes end up in landfills in the United States, also in the States, and more than 80 million people are unable to access adequate dental care.

Bogobrush is made in bamboo and nylon bristles, which is why instead of being trashed, the toothbrush can be buried in our garden or placed in the organic bucket. It would be really interesting to see the realization of such a project here in Italy.

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