How to build a barbecue

If you have a day off, it will be enough for you to plan and build a barbecue. Apart from what is needed, however build a barbecue you will need a place with little wind and away from dry branches and other flammable materials. The ideal place for build a barbecue is the outside of the kitchen. Those who have the opportunity can make a barbecue a system, that is, which incorporates various work surfaces and spaces where the bags of charcoal and various tools can be stored.

How to build a barbecue, materials and work tools

  • Cement mortar
  • Solid bricks or concrete blocks
  • Stone slab or refractory material. Dimensions 100 × 60 cm and with a thickness of 3-4 cm
  • Iron grill. Dimensions 95 × 60 cm and 2 cm thick
  • Trowel
  • Straight wooden plank
  • Level

How to build a barbecue, foreplay
With our instructions you can make a barbecue with exposed bricks of about 125 x 85 cm. The height will be about 90 cm. The dimensions can be changed according to your needs. Remember that if you are not building on paved dimensions but want to build the barbecue on the lawn, you have to lay the foundations first.

How to build a barbecue, labor
The first thing to do is to trace the perimeter of your barbecue on the support surface. In build the walls, to make them more robust, give them a thickness of 2 bricks. Cross the courses of the bricks in order to have a better seal. The mattani must be joined with the cement mortar.

There Malta it is made by joining three parts of sand with one part of cement. Water is added until a moist and dense material is obtained. If you prepare it yourself, to understand if the mixture "it works"Place the trowel in the mixture and remove it suddenly, if the dough takes on a small pointed shape, the Malta it is ready for use!

With a trowel and mortar, make the bricks adhere to each other. Whenever you finish laying (a layer of bricks), check with the level if the structure is level. Dab any unevenness with mortar. When your Wall will have reached a height of about 60 cm, prepare a space for the support of the stone (recommended!) or concrete slab. The support will act as a surface to house the charcoal to be burned.

When you reach 60 cm, place only one brick at the end of the wall. This is because the internal space will be occupied by the stone slab. After fixing the slab with mortar (which will fit together from one end to the other, occupying the space that the second brick occupied at the previous laying), proceed with three other layings - three more layers of bricks -, the fourth laying will be the last and will consist of a single head: the final laying will consist of a single brick to allow the grid to rest, just as done to position the slab.

The photo is only representative, the barbecue described in this article will be more robust and solid because it consists of two heads and will have only one hob.

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