Natural remedies for plant diseases

Natural remedies for plant diseases

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There are valid alternatives to purchased insecticides against the plant parasites. These are recipes that can be prepared at home with natural plant elements and products, almost all of which are readily available in the pantry and surroundings. These chemical preparations (because in any case it is chemistry, even if we are talking about vegetable macerates) are ideal for biological care of potted plants against most parasitic infestations caused by aphids, lice, spider mites and others.

Organic insecticide. It should be prepared at the moment, just before use, by blending a salad made with 1 clove of garlic with the skin, 3 onions sliced ​​with the skin, 3 fresh hot peppers, 1 glass of water. The smoothie should be filtered with a cotton gauze and left to rest for 24 hours. Before spraying it on plants, the preparation must be diluted with 4 liters of water. For a good result, the treatment must be repeated at least 3 times at a distance of 10 days, with a fresh preparation. This Horganic Hot Spray, so called because it is very spicy (pay attention to the eyes!) It contains repellent essential oils, trace elements and natural antibiotic substances effective against red spider, aphids is white fly.

Macerated tobacco. Prepare a 1 liter solution with two parts water and one part denatured alcohol, and add 2 tablespoons of cheap strong-cut tobacco. After 3-4 days, filter with a colander and distribute on the leaves of the plants with a sprayer. It is a particularly effective remedy against aphids.

Soap solution. Mix 60g of Marseille soap flakes in a little hot water. Further dilute the solution in 3 liters of water and add 1 liter of denatured alcohol. It nebulises on the leaves and on the infested parts and is effective against lice of roses and the Citrus "smoke", for example lemons and tangerines grown on the terrace.

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