Casio, watch with solar panel

Casio, watch with solar panel

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Eco-friendly watches capture the attention of the public of all social classes. Among the most ready manufacturers we find the Casio with his solar powered watches. There Casio can be called a pioneer in the sector, so much so that it offers several models powered by the sun.

Casio, clock with solar panel. The Oceanus and G-Shock series
In the collection G-shock of Casio we see that the Solar Panel is located behind the clock face. There Casio claims that it only serves 6.2 W's solar power in order to produce 860 thousand movements of the hands. The feeding system of the line G-shock eliminates the need for change the battery: the system Tough Solar, guarantees the stability of all high-consumption electronic functions, even in the dark, this is because the rechargeable battery has a large storage capacity ofpower produced by the Solar Panel.

The series G-shock retains other interesting features. For example, the activation of the automatic LED light that sees the watch face light up when a twist of the wrist is registered, this is made possible thanks to a diode!

The Oceanus line was created for a more demanding public. Also in this case we find the technology Tough Solar which guarantees the same performance seen in the G-Shock collection. Casio Oceanus is a chronograph powered by solar power.

With these two collections, Casio ensures watches with solar panel to the different types of customers. For a refined style, the Oceanus line offers watches with elegant design, especially with the "silver" variety. For a more dynamic and sporty lifestyle, the perfect collection is the G-Shock, robust, resistant and that does not go unnoticed! Prices vary according to the model chosen.

Not all models in the G-shock and Oceanus collection are equipped with a solar panel, so make sure that the technology is mentioned in the product data sheet Tough Solar.


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