The greenest skyscraper in the world

The greenest skyscraper in the world

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It is under construction on skyscraper greenest in the world, a concentrate of energy efficiency and good environmental practice. The skyscraper will rise in the center of Pittsburgh, the awarding of awards from Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) with "platinum" certification and with the highest score assigned by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is expected.

The name of skyscraper most ecological in the world is "The Tower at PNC Plaza ", will take place on 32 floors and will be able to count on a glass structure so as to make the most of natural lighting and some strategies for ventilation. Thanks to the glass, the heating system can also be made more efficient while the "green roofs" (or as everyone likes to call them "green roofs") will help thethermal insulation. The structure provides a system for the recovery and reuse of rainwater.


The design team evaluated the use of fuel cells, solar panels, geothermal systems and other alternative energy sources, the main aim was to reduce CO2 emissions by giving the skyscraper the highest possible efficiency.

Before you can build something, you have to destroy something!
This statement is not always true but it is valid in the construction sector. In order not to consume more land, if the structures cannot be recovered, it is necessary to raze buildings to the ground in order to regain useful space. The buildings that previously occupied the Tower at PNC Plaza construction site were demolished without producing an excess of construction waste: 95% of the wood, steel and other building materials have been recovered and recycled. Junction Construction in Point Breeze took care of it.

The construction of the skyscraper sees a budget of 400 million dollars, the project will see the use of 2,500 workers, including workers, designers and technicians, during peak periods, on the construction site, there could be 500 employees! L'energetic aspect of the building is managed by Automated Logic, leader in the management of high-rise buildings energy efficiency. All energy aspects of the skyscraper will be automated, controlled and monitored to ensure maximum performance and minimum consumption.


The construction of the skyscraper will end by 2015 and by the summer of the same year, the Tower at PNC Plaza will be open to the public.

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