Chevrolet Spark Electric

Chevrolet Spark Electric

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There Spark is the smallest autonomous of the car manufacturer Chevrolet, the version will be presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show electric. All tests were completed in March, the Chevrolet Spark electric is ready to show itself to the public and will do so at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Whereas the petrol version of the Spark has a four-cylinder engine and a power of 84 hp, the Electric Spark it will have quite promising performances for a car of its size: the engine is credited with around 116 hp and is powered by lithium-ion batteries supplied by A123 Systems.

There are not yet many details about autonomy and charging times, but since it is "battery-pack " provided by the company A123 Systems, something very positive is expected as the company should redeem its image and the Los Angeles show seems to be the right opportunity.

There Chevrolet Spark petrol has conquered the American market thanks to its attractive design, comfortable and spacious cabin and above all thanks to the connectivity guaranteed by MyLink. There Spark EV it will retain all the winning features of the conventional Spark and will add an electric motor that will guarantee a great saving on fuel costs.

If you are wondering what the electric cars of 2013, remember to include the name of the Chevrolet Spark! The carmaker plans to launch the car on the market as early as the first half of 2013, at first the car will only be present on the US market. For the debut in Italian dealerships, the carmaker wants to wait until the European market is ready for electric mobility.

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