Let's roll up our sleeves

Let's roll up our sleeves

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Rome has 130.7 square meters of greenery per inhabitant. The urban green areas they are a precious asset: a small garden for children to play, a park for jogging or walking the dog, a house to read a good book… all very nice; but do citizens manage to respect the city? And you, yesAre you ready to roll up your sleeves to clean up the green areas?

While you think about the answer to give, theCultural and Sports Association Grow up together is taking action and on Saturday 17 November it will give a nice polish to theGreen area of ​​Via Labro and for this mission he is looking for champions of the Environment!

The initiative is called Let's pull up the sleeves and it is not just an opportunity to clean up the green areas of the district of Settecamini but also a moment of discussion to consolidate the commitment of citizens in the care and maintenance of urban green areas.

The appointment is at 10 in Via Labro, after a brief survey i Paladins of the Environment they will be equipped with gloves and bags and then take action. Cleaning thegreen area it will continue until 12:30 but only after having remedied an unfortunate issue: dog excrement.

L'Green area of ​​Via Labro it became famous in the Agro Romano as a meeting place for walking dogs. Unfortunately, undisciplined owners do not collect dog waste with special dispensers. The Association Grow up together will distribute suitable sachets free of charge and position them strategically so as to raise awareness of their use.

The Cultural and Sports Association Crescere Insieme organized the event "Let's pull up the sleeves"With the support of the Together for Rome Foundation and AMA spa.

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