Volunteers for a solidarity day forever

Volunteers for a solidarity day forever

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Come back Volunteer for a day, the largest volunteer campaign never made in Milan, which connects hundreds of associations with those who want to try and commit themselves to others. Volunteer for a day is aimed at citizens and businesses, especially those who have never tried a volunteer experience but feel they want to contribute to improving the community in which they live by making their time available to be a more active, participatory and supportive citizen or worker .

How to become Volunteer for a day it's easy. On the website dedicated to the initiative, hundreds of associations offer many opportunities to participate in solidarity projects. You can choose the project that is closest to your values ​​and sensitivity and discover, in your city and province, that there are companies that deal with it.

Particular attention is paid to companies which, as such, choose to join the campaign. Tools and guides are available on the site to evaluate different forms of participation and initiate corporate volunteering paths that favor the meeting between profit and non-profit and the development of a solidarity and responsible economy.

Volunteers for a day wants to stimulate the Milanese and local businesses a try a volunteer experience to help improve the community in which he lives through a more active and aware citizenship. The campaign intends to increase the number of volunteers who participate in the implementation of projects in favor of others and to sensitize businesses and local authorities to engage in solidarity projects.

Volunteers for a day is also an opportunity to strengthen the social bonds of the community made up of those who live or work in Milan and Lombardy. In 2011, 1,500 people and about 100 voluntary associations joined. Of particular relevance for 2012 is the adhesion of the municipality of Milan, in recognition of the role that the campaign intends to play in the creation of a virtuous public-private-third sector network, in line with the choice of the Municipality itself to pursue a real policy of support for volunteering and the promotion of a culture of solidarity , through services to accompany the citizen throughout the Milan area.

Volunteers for a day also boasts the patronage of European Commission and of Cariplo Foundation. The initiative is conceived and coordinated by KPMG and promoted by the Department of Security and Social Cohesion, Local Police, Civil Protection and Voluntary Service of the Municipality of Milan, Ciessevi, Sodalitas Foundation, BPM and Un-Guru; a network of companies, institutions and representative bodies of the profit and non-profit sectors, which collaborate with the logic of sharing resources, networks and experiences, and the desire to contribute to a new way of being citizens and workers.

The campaign also counts on the participation of Forum of the Third Sector and of Milan Altruist. Volunteers for a day aims to become an important hub in the meeting and collaboration between profit and non-profit, a model that can be replicated and able to involve new subjects over time, an expression of new and different realities.


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