Countdown to the Green States General at Ecomondo

Countdown to the Green States General at Ecomondo

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There are 15 days left until the meeting of the States General of the Green Economy, the two days under the banner of sustainability organized by Ministry of the Environment and 39 green business organizations. The meeting will take place in Rimini on 7-8 November as part of Ecomondo Key-Energy (16th International Fair of Matter and Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development), and is expected as the moment to launch concrete proposals to launch a green economy able to offer the country an exit strategy from the economic crisis and the climate crisis.

The Rimini appointment, where the Environment Minister Corrado Clini, was prepared by a vast participatory process, which involved over 300 experts engaged in 8 working groups on strategic issues, over 1,000 technicians and civil society representatives involved in thematic national assemblies, 39 business organizations, dozens of preparatory meetings. At the end of this process, the development of a program for the development of a green economy which will contain the proposals to get Italy out of the crisis and which will be presented and discussed during the next 7 and 8 November.

The program will focus on 8 sectors identified as strategic for the development of a green economy: sustainable mobility; efficiency and energy saving; eco-efficiency, renewability of materials and waste recycling; eco-innovation; environmental services; renewable energy sources; ecological quality agricultural supply chains; finance and sustainable credit for the green economy.

The inaugural day of the States General of the Green Economy, November 7, will open with the presentation of the first Report on the Green Economy-Italy 2012, made by Foundation for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with theAeneas, in which the strategic sectors of the green economy in Italy are examined through data, graphs and tables.

IdeasGreen is media partner of Ecomondo and will follow the work of the States General of the Green Economy

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