Levi's jeans to dispose of plastic

Levi's jeans to dispose of plastic

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Jeans friends of the environment? Yes, if we wear jeans Levi’s WasteLess. An eco initiative was born from the historic stars and stripes Levi's brand to support the disposal and reuse of plastic considered responsible for pollution. These are jeans made of 20% recycled plastic: 12 to 20 plastic bottles are needed for each pair of pants. 3.5 million euros were used to create the entire ecological denim collection PET bottles, a figure that translated into environmental terms means less CO2 dispersed in the environment. A figure that could increase if the market responds favorably to the initiative and production undergoes a further increase.

Unfortunately the recycling of these materials is still very low due to inefficient separate collection which leads these bottles to be thrown into landfills or worse to disperse throughout the territory. To make matters worse is the abuse of plastic bottles, which in the last decade has replaced the use of glass containers. In this perspective, the system developed by Levi's has what it takes to establish itself globally for the benefit of the environment.

The bottles recycled for the production of the new collection WasteLess, which in Italian means less garbage, come from a local collection, where plastic materials such as bottles of water and soft drinks, food containers, protective films for packages have been divided by color. From a special processing of these materials, a polyester fiber was created which was mixed with a cotton fiber, thus obtaining a yarn for the production of jeans with a low environmental impact.

The new jeans will be available from January at all Levi's store, as well as on the brand's website. There Levi's expects to reach maximum production by spring 2013, with the men's linesLevi's 511 Skinny, Levi's 504 Straight Fit and Levi's Trucker jackets. Levi's has also thought of women. The women's line will be launched exclusively for the USA and EuropeLevi's Boyfriend Skinny.

There is no need to sacrifice quality to give a waste a new life thanks to the brand Levi's.