High Speed ​​Dogs: on Italo also the extra large ones

High Speed ​​Dogs: on Italo also the extra large ones

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On all fours at 300 kilometers per hour. With the patronage of Ministry of Health and with a modern and innovative solution, NTV change the way of traveling of animals aboard their trains. From November 2nd, XXL dogs, those over 10 kg in size, will also be able to travel on trains Italo to high speed. The new service, which has been studied and shared with the main animal welfare associations, Enpa is Lav, With the'National Association of Italian Veterinarians (ANMVI) and with the National Federation of Italian Veterinary Orders (FNOVI), starts with an experimental phase that will last until January 31st.

This time frame will allow NTV to evaluate the satisfaction of the initiative. Dogs on board will be allowed on all trains from 10 am to 4 pm, to avoid crowding hours in the morning or in the evening. The collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the associations involved has allowed the development of an initiative that pays the utmost attention to both the traveler with the dog and the animal itself, avoiding stressful situations.

Finally, pay attention also to travelers who do not like living with dogs and who will be able, by viewing the train map on the internet, to find out in which carriages and seats extra-large animals are allowed. In particular the owner must always keep to leash your dog, bring one with you muzzle rigid or soft to be worn when getting on and off the train or at the request of NTV staff, and the certificate of registration in the canine registry.

The new service can be booked starting from November 1st, 24 hours before the travel date, through the Contact Center Pronto Italo (060708). The price for transporting the dog will be 30% of the Smart and Prima Basic or Economy Ticket (depending on availability), and equal to 20 euros, a fixed price, if the owner chooses to travel in the Club Lounge.

For travelers accompanied by their dogs, NTV has created a Decalogue of the good owner, with a series of rules and suggestions by the Ministry of Health, a video explaining how to make the dog wear a muzzle and a practical map of the veterinarians reachable near the stations served by Italo. On board Italo, Fido will have his own space, one for each travel environment (Smart, Prima and Club Salotto. Always on board, the owner of the dog will also receive a free bag-kit (I love dog) which contains a sanitizing mat, made with super-absorbent and anti-odor polymers, where Fido can comfortably curl up.

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