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Mediterranean just a click away

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How big is the Mediterranean and how many population does it embrace? There are many curiosities about the Mediterranean region. Who knows if 4,000 multimedia documents are enough to satisfy them all.

Internet is an infinite data collector, for some days there has been a portal that becomes a container for all the information available on the Mediterranean. The audiovisual heritage of the Mediterranean is available online thanks to the contribution of the European Union with the lead partner Ina, the French National Audiovisual Institute.

The project is called Med-Mem and it was realized thanks, among others, to Copeam -Permanent Mediterranean Audiovisual Conference, based in Rome, at Rai. 20 partners are involved, including 14 regional televisions. The service was presented in Marseille, is available in three languages, English, French and Arabic and is booming:

RaiTech enriched the collection with an archive of 400 documents rich in the history and culture of our country. The Mediterranean it is shared by many peoples, which is why intercultural dialogue must be kept alive. Thanks to a network of access points to the portal, it will be possible to consult the contents for free. Access points will be secured in locations such as museums, libraries and universities.

The project is aimed at the wider public but in particular at young people who need to master the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. Thanks to the archive put online on Med-Mem, it will be possible to know the status of environmental protection and the situation of the areas at risk of the Mediterranean region. A rich section is dedicated to the theme of sustainable tourism.

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