How to grow ananassa strawberry

How to grow ananassa strawberry

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When referring to the strawberry, the thought always goes to the wild strawberry, to the typical wild strawberry. A fruit that never fails on the tables for Sunday dessert in summer. The strawberry can change its clothes and take on the role of the pineapple strawberry, but what is the pineapple strawberry? Its real name is Pineberry, it tastes like pineapple and has the appearance of a white strawberry with red dots.

It is absolutely not a fruit created in the laboratory but a forgotten fruit! It originates in nature and has been known since 1700 in South America. Today this fruit is one of the species to be recovered in the field of biodiversity. Thanks to the agronomist Antoine Nicolas Duchesne, it was possible to cross two American wild qualities to then obtain the hybrid "pineapple strawberry”, Which in the end turned out to be a larger and more juicy fruit of the two original varieties.

Until a few years ago, due to the lack of interest in cultivation, the pineapple strawberry was in danger of disappearing. It took six years and the commitment of a group of Dutch agronomists to be able to recover the exotic fruit.

Until recently the strawberry-pineapple it was available only in England. For some weeks also in Italy you can find the seeds to grow it. You can buy the seeds online on the Bakker website where you will find the White Dream variety of Fragaria Ananassa. The packages of seedlings can be purchased with the name White dream at 16.95 euros per couple.

How to grow ananassa strawberry
This particular strawberry can be grown in the garden or on the balcony. It will be enough to obtain fertile soil, rich in humus, to be improved with fertilizer or compost. It is possible to plant the seeds even close to autumn, but be careful to repair the seedlings, then, from the winter cold. After sowing, water sporadically and wait for fruiting which will take place between May and June.

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