Green Works, young and environmental in Naples

A workshop dedicated to young people and jobs related to environmental sustainability. Green jobs are the most sought after, despite the full economic crisis. It is also for this reason that WWF Italy, together with the University of Naples "Parthenope" and the Simone Cesaretti Foundation, organized an event entitled "Youth system and sustainability of well-being“, The workshop will focus on environmental conservation and international projects highlighting the job opportunities for the young people.

The workshop will be held on Friday 5 October 2012 from 9.30 in Naples, Palazzo Pacanowsky, via Generale Parisi, 13. Il workshop Friday will be the first of a series of meetings for dialogue with young people and look for new incentives to take up professions in the sector of green economy. To guarantee a connection in the global plan there will be the WWF, a reality well rooted in Italy but also in international territory.

L'environment it not only defends itself in large contexts but also locally. Through the reality of WWF, the future of young people will be discussed by addressing crucial issues, giving universities the opportunity to seize opportunities for reflection on the evolution of training offers.

There environmental conservation it must be a reason to give new ones employment opportunities to young people in the context of green economy:
"Research and university training, environmental conservation carried out with international projects, the involvement of local communities and Oases, local authorities and the funding made available, are the realities that by networking with each other want to give new employment opportunities and volunteering for young people in the green economy.

Friday will be only the first meeting. Thanks to the network of universities set up by the Simone Cesaretti Foundation, there will be other appointments at the other universities involved. We will dialogue with young people, transferring in particular a methodological approach and a stimulus to undertake new professional profiles consisting of "green jobs”.

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