Discovering WEEE: ReMedia rewards eco-creativity

Discovering WEEE: ReMedia rewards eco-creativity

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The final competition "WEEE Detective Team" promoted by ReMedia, among the main Collective Systems for eco-sustainable management of all types WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), collected 750 documents from 169 primary school classes throughout Italy. Among these also some small masterpieces - like a a Guess who really special, a file green, a pop-up book, the Ark of the Raeé - the result of a thorough investigation of the situation of the separate collection of WEEE through research, interviews, visits, contacts with the institutions.

The best, for the deep and careful analysis of the territory made with creativity and sympathy, were the students of the 4D class of the Didactic Direction "Circolo 119 Raffaele Lambruschini" of Rome, which won the first prize thanks to Discovering WEEEa documentary video made up of interviews, investigations, a RAEE TG and a final rap performance.

The award ceremony took place on Friday 28 September in Rome as part of the event Ecommunicates (28-29 September in Piazza del Popolo) and was the final act of the educational project ReMedia Scuola - Long Live Technology which gave vent to eco-creativity of 20,000 fourth and fifth grade children. Project started at the beginning of last school year with the distribution of 518 educational kits, containing the game "WEEE mission”, In 10 cities throughout Italy.

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