WattStation Wall, the wall column

Companies are growing that take the concept of seriously sustainable mobility and the electric car is the answer to these needs. The only drawback are the few charging stations installed on the Italian territory. However, a major intensification of charging stations is planned for 2013. From this point of view, the new one was much appreciated Watt Station Wall launched by General Electric renewing once again its commitment in the sector of eco-sustainable transport.

This is a new charging station for electric vehicles with a very original design and in five pastel colors, which integrates perfectly with the urban decor. It looks like the wall version of the charging station for electric cars and it has also been designed to withstand any weather conditions.

WattStation Wall can be installed inside a building or outdoors, it is equipped with a flexible cable that wraps comfortably around the unit. It is also designed against unauthorized use: the charging station WattStation Wall it can be switched on and off even remotely. The device can be connected to stations already in use and is compatible with the Smart grid technology. From 2013 it will also have an online service to facilitate the user with information on energy use thanks to a smartphone application.

The user identification functions and the online payment options will make the charging station accessible to all motorists or to authorized persons only. WattStation Wall was presented at the Global Research Center of General Electric at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

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