Green ideas for last mile logistics

Green ideas for last mile logistics

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Today more than yesterday, the concept oflast mile logistics is very topical. For companies that distribute their products, the effective and efficient management of the last level of the logistics chain is undoubtedly the most important challenge to overcome for operational complexity, for the regulatory constraints more and more stringent, for the strong price increase of some cost items (such as fuel) and, last but not least, for a general situation of demand in continuous decline.

At the "Last Mile Logistics”, AILOG Italian association of logistics and supply chain management, also this year dedicates a conference (now in its second edition) which will take place in Milan, the October 4th, from 9.30 to 13.30, at the Michelangelo Hotel.

The ambitious goal of the conference is to compare the experiences of those who experience this problem every day and who can tell their experience and those of companies specialized in the supply of products and services dedicated to this segment supply chain (suppliers of systems and equipment to support travel planning and vehicle tracking, operators specialized in urban logistics, suppliers of specific equipment and operational solutions for consolidation / sorting centers).

To the works, which will be opened by the AILOG president, Paolo Bisogni, and moderated by Agostino Fornaroli, Vice President ELA, important operators in the sector (Difarco, GEA, KKT, OMB International, OM Still, Partesa, TNT, TPS) will give their testimony as well as representatives of the Public Administration (Province and Municipality of Milan) and academia (University of Molise).

To register for the conference, free of charge, you can contact the AILOG secretariat: tel. 0266710622/026693809, [email protected]

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