The Italian decalogue on renewables

The Italian decalogue on renewables

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Europe is an international reference market for renewable energy sources with one million employees in the sector and a total installed power equal to 45% of the world power. In Italy about 10% of the gross final consumption of energy is satisfied by renewable sources and the avoided emissions have been estimated at at least 56 Mt CO₂, while 8-10 billion euros have been saved thanks to the lower import of fossil fuels in the energy bill.

But there is more: if the country adequately supports this sector, by 2020 the share of energy consumption satisfied by renewables will be higher thannational target of 17%, and could reach 30% by 2030, thus aligning itself with the recent European roadmap. The avoided emissions will thus be able to grow to over 100 Mt in 2020 and to 150 Mt in 2030, with a lower dependence on fossil fuels which will translate into savings on imports of € 18-20 billion / year by 2020 and of € 26-30 billion. / year to 2030.

This is the scenario outlined in the document on the development of renewable energy sources - which also called a Decalogue to achieve these objectives - presented during the sixth Programmatic Assembly in preparation of the States General of the Green Economy which will take place in Rimini on 7-8 November next, as part of Ecomondo. Organized by the Ministry of the Environment and 39 business organizations green.

“Renewable energy sources - he said Pietro Colucci, President of Kinexia and coordinator of the renewable energy group - in recent years have already provided a decisive contribution in terms of greater environmental, economic and social sustainability, indicating the growth of this sector as one of the multiplying factors of the development of our country. Today's new challenge is to direct this sudden growth towards the creation of an industrial model, healthy, stable and looking towards the future, which is able to produce innovation, attract investments and create jobs, thus representing a real exit. strategy from the current economic crisis ".

Here is the decalogue approved by the Planning Assembly to support the development of renewable sources in Italy.

1. Approve the National Energy Strategy and monitor its implementation with an Observatory.

2. Simplify procedures and reduce bureaucratic costs.

3. Supporting investments to progressively overcome the incentive system.

4. Create a fund for energy system research and promote the creation of a private research fund self-financed by companies green.

5. Launch an ambitious program for the development of energy networks.

6. Provide measures for distributed generation and to support small and medium-sized investments.

7. Define medium-long term roadmaps for the development of renewable technologies.

8. Promote a specific action to support the development of thermal renewables.

9. Prepare a national strategy for the relaunch of the biomass supply chain.

10. Redefine the role of thermoelectric in a system with a strong penetration of renewables.

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