In London, coffee on the move

In London, coffee on the move

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A temporary structure, built for the 2012 Olympic Games, wants to have a lasting impact on London and thus the "Cafe on the move", Literally, Coffee on the move. The structure was born as a geteway for visitors to the Olympians from all over the world, recycled materials have been used for its construction.

Il Caffè in Movimento wants to inspire local communities to embrace a style of sustainable life. The facility will remain open for the next six months. It aims to trade a wide range of organic, sustainable and fair trade products.

The outward appearance catches the eye with a series of artistic traits curated by Morgan Myerscough of London Myrscough Studio. It was the "official poet" of the London Olympics and with a series of large wooden panels, it announces the presence of a new temporary and community space.

The internal and external walls were completely hand painted, with the collaboration of Luca Morgan and a team of artists led by Danny Elphick.

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