How to purify aquarium water

How to purify aquarium water

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L'purified water is the true heart of a aquarium well functioning: the very life of our small ecosystem depends on the cleanliness of the water. For a good job of water cleaning It is important to have two foam sponges of rather fine density in the aquarium, when the water enters the filter compartment, the first filter material it encounters will consist of the two sponges.

The sponges will carry out the first work of water purification: they retain the coarsest impurities (food residues, dead leaves, etc. The two sponges, in a short time, will be totally covered by the biological waste of the aquarium, which will almost completely block the micro-holes in the foam. Therefore every two weeks , it will be necessary to clean these sponges. The two sponges should never be cleaned together otherwise you would risk almost completely destroying the precious microorganisms that have been created and that carry out the real biological filtering.

How to clean these sponges?
It is advisable to use water taken from the aquarium: do not make the mistake of rinsing them under tap water, which, as we all know, is not suitable for the aquarium at all. For purify the aquarium water it is important to change the water: a very delicate operation. The total water change is a wrong and dangerous procedure: in this way the fish is forced to undergo sudden changes in temperature and this also involves a complete elimination of the positive microorganisms that have formed inside the aquarium.

How to purify aquarium water
Inside the aquariums it is important to carry out partial water changes on a regular basis to gradually "renew" the water: replace no more than 10% of the total aquarium volume with tap water previously treated with a suitable water conditioner , with regular intervals of about 15 days. It is advisable to make the partial water change coincide with the cleaning of the filters.

Even if the water change is only partial and if the aquarium is equipped with a regular thermostat, it is important to make sure that the new water added to the aquarium is not excessively hot or cold: to avoid sudden changes. In summary, it is important that the replacement water introduced is always of the same quality and at the same temperature as that which is removed.

In the case of aquarium marino, the operation must be repeated every week. In the marine aquarium, moreover, the decrease in water by evaporation must be integrated with fresh water, never with salt water, because with evaporation the salts are not lost but remain in the aquarium.



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