BlaBlaCar and the new era of hitchhiking

BlaBlaCar and the new era of hitchhiking

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BlaBlaCar allows you to choose the talkativeness of your travel companions: Bla, BlaBla or BlaBlaBla

From beat to digital, fromhitch-hiking to the ridesharing. BlaBlacar, first site of ridesharing in Europe, it also launched its own in Italy BlaBlaCar app to change (for the better) the way we move and travel. As users in France, Spain and the UK already know, the BlaBlaCar app allows you to find in a few seconds a ride from your city - geolocalized - to numerous destinations in Italy and Europe.

It is the new era ofhitch-hiking, a social and low cost era. Also because with BlaBlaCar savings can reach 75% compared to any other means of transport, even and above all last minute. Not bad considering that too BlaBlacar it is free to download. The App is available immediately for both iPhone both for Android. For those who own other smartphones, a mobile version is available.

BlaBlaCar is the first App of social travel available in Italy. Once you have found passages, you can browse the profiles of the various drivers, view photos, interests and feedback comments issued by other users, and then contact your favorite driver with the click to call function or a text message transmitted in real time in push mode. You can choose your travel companions based on their degree of talkativeness by choosing between Bla, BlaBla and BlaBlaBla. Hence the name BlaBlaCar.

"With BlaBlaCar we want to allow everyone to access a new way of traveling, sociable and economical, and thus amortize the price increases that discourage holidays and travel ", says Olivier Bremer, country manager of BlaBlaCar Italy. "For those who travel by car - continues Bremer - BlaBlaCar allows you to convert your previously wasted vacancies into a resource other people are willing to pay for. By offering a ride to 3 people it is possible to reduce the cost of the trip by 75% ”.

A few examples? With BlaBlaCar from Milan to the Romagna Riviera you spend 20 euros, while from Rome you can reach numerous Apulian seaside destinations for 25-30 euros. For those who love the cities of art, Milan-Florence in BlaBlaCar costs 20 euros. And there are those who offer rides from one end of the boot to the other, from Turin to Catania (76 euros), from Vittorio Veneto to Lecce (61 euros).

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