How to organize a campsite

How to organize a campsite

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How to organize a campsite: what to bring, which tent to choose and how to organize a camping holiday.

Do you want a holiday in direct contact with nature? The camping is a valid solution. For those who choose a camping holiday, they must have at least some requirements: ability to adapt, knowledge of the world of camping, tents and all the necessary equipment.

How to choose the camping tent:Canadian tent and igloo tent

For the choice of camping tent you have to evaluate the type of camping you want to practice and the way you want to experience it. Let's not forget that however the tent is not able to provide all the comforts you are used to at home or in a hotel. The choice will have to fall betweenCanadian tentisigloo tent, here are the differences and the things to consider to choose well.

Canadian tent

Inside a Canadian tent it is possible to stand up, this is a point in its favor because it facilitates the operation of changing and relieves the slight sense of oppression that can be felt in the lower tents. Due to its particular sloping shape, during a sudden summer shower it easily lets the water flow downwards. The only problem: it is the most difficult tent model to assemble and the least stable.

Igloo tent

There igloo tent it is very compact and more stable. Many have a support structure that can support it even on very hard ground, where it is practically impossible to plant stakes. Not recommended for those suffering from back pain: inside you can only lie down or crouch. The size and weight are also important: for a traveling holiday it is better to choose a light and small tent, easily removable and easy to carry around.

The choice of the tent

For who chooses to always sleep on the same floor camping, can opt for one curtain larger for greater comfort and perhaps with a veranda where you can dine in a bad weather evening or use to keep your belongings indoors.

It is advisable to try to set up the tent before leaving at home or better in the garden: you will avoid wasting the first day of camping to read the instruction booklet and understand how to set up the tent. curtain.

Camping equipment,what to bring

What to bring to the campsite? Experts suggest that you only need to bring the bare essentials but there are items that should not be missing!

Waxed sheet: very useful in case of rain. It can happen that you run into some summer storms and a tarpaulin mounted above the tent protects us and keeps your belongings dry. It is also useful in sunny weather if you are not sheltered by trees.

Gas cooker: you won't always want to eat out, maybe cooking at the campsite could be fun. You don't need to carry the whole set of pots with you: just one for the pasta, a pan and a saucepan for the milk.

Plastic containers: the transparent plastic boxes with lids are very useful for storing crockery and shopping so as to keep food away from unpleasant animals such as ants and spiders, undisputed inhabitants of campsites.

Gas or battery powered lantern: not all campsites offer light service and you will need a torch if you decide to stay at the tent during the evening.

Strings: convenient to create threads where you can hang the clothes to dry. Do not give up just because you have decided not to do the laundry, they can always come in handy for hanging anything.

Mosquito repellent: our very nice enemies will not abandon us even on vacation. Campsites are very often rich in vegetation and as we know mosquitoes love greenery. With the right precautions it will be possible to live with it. Also remember to always close the mosquito net of the tent so you can spend peaceful nights.

Blanket: even if the weather has given temperatures rising, it is advisable to bring an extra blanket with you.

For practical information onfood to take to the campsiteand other useful things, the page is availablewhat to bring camping.

How to organize a camping holiday

The types of camping they are varied: they range from real villages with all comforts to pine forests with only a toilet block.

In the case of the destination chosen without a reservation, it is advisable, before starting to unload the equipment, to take a tour inside so as to get an idea of ​​the place.

Lot of camping, when full, they tend to make you put the curtains in passageways or in the sun or even close to the service block.

The exploration of the camping it is also used to see the conditions of the toilets, especially if you have children or special needs. If an inspection is really impossible or the campsite is located in a remote area, do not hesitate to seek opinions in themed virtual forums camping.

If it is a tourist area rich in camping, do not stop at the first you find, it is important to make a choice based on your needs.

Who chooses the camping certainly does not put comfort in the first place, otherwise he would go to the hotel, but this does not mean that the locality must lack services that can make the holiday more relaxing such as a bar, a mini market, barbecue spaces up to the entertainment for children.

Dogs on the campsite

If you have pets, first ask if they are allowed: many camping they accept dogs or cats, you just have to inquire first. The rules of the camper they are respect and sharing. Don't forget to be able to draw on the knowledge of the old campers who are always ready to help you. Waking up with the scent of nature is a unique emotion ... to try at least once.

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