Bio Bottle: the biodegradable plastic bottle

Bio Bottle: the biodegradable plastic bottle

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Sant'Anna Bio Bottle completely degrades in 80 days because it is made without oil

What a hassle disposing of plastic bottles in PET, a virtuous practice - and necessary - but nevertheless a certain one environmental impact. But the solution is there, it has been on the market for some time, and it is called Bio Bottle, the first bottle in the world compostable which completely degrades in 80 days. It was invented by the company, the only one in the world in the 1.5-liter format Sant'Anna of the Sources of Vinadio.

Sant’Anna Bio Bottle is compostable because produced with a biopolymer and not from oil: while it is preserved like traditional plastic bottles, yes biodegrades completely in the appropriate sites of composting and in fact it is comparable to Organic waste. Also, unlike the more common plastics, it is recyclable chemically.

A new Bio Bottle comes from a used Bio Bottle, without using oil and without polluting the atmosphere. It has been calculated that 650 million Sant’Anna Bio Bottles allow a saving of 176,800 barrels of oil with which to heat a city of 520,000 inhabitants for a month and reduce CO₂ emissions equal to a car that goes around the world 30,082 times in a year.

"If you look decisively at a goal, sometimes even an idea that seems impossible can become reality. Strengthened by this, we launched SantAnna Bio Bottle, the first ecological bottle designed for mass consumption, ”he said Alberto Bertone, president and CEO of Fonti Vinadio. "We have found a unique and innovative raw material, which in addition to preserving the characteristics of Sant'Anna water - our first goal - respects the environment and represents an enormous benefit not only for us, but for future generations and which marks an epochal turning point in consumption and packaging ".

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