Offshore wind for the Irish Sea

Offshore wind for the Irish Sea

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One power of 2.2 GW's clean energy could be generated from the Irish Sea thanks to a plant offshore wind. The project has numerous supports but there is no lack of criticism.

A great wind farm was proposed for the Irish Sea. The park could count up to 440 wind turbines. The project was developed by a Danish energy company and an energy company already active in the UK and North America. The preliminary proposal has already been brought to the attention of the UK government.

It will be called Rhiannon Wind Farm Limited, and it will be the first plant offshore wind of the entire area of ​​the Irish Sea. The plant will be located about 30 kilometers south-east of the Isle of Man located 100 kilometers from Belfast. The wind potential of the Irish Sea has been estimated at 4.2 Gigawatts while the current project will cover it "only" 2.2 GW, a huge amount.

The project is not lacking in criticism. L'offshore wind has been pointed out several times. This time the criticisms concern the geographical location which, if for the offshore turbines it is perfect, it could interfere with the usual ferry routes. Soon there will be a meeting between the travel administrators and the representatives of the project, both parties would like to find an agreement.

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