The red lake of the Val di Tovel

The red lake of the Val di Tovel

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A glimpse of the enchanting Lake Tovel

There Val di Tovel, together with his famous the needle, is certainly an opportunity for discovery for hikers and families looking for a bit of freshness and adventure in the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites. The Valley is located in the northern part of Brenta Group, into which it enters with a southwest direction. The overall development is over 17 km and the height difference, very pronounced, gives rise to a great variety of environments, among which the Glare: a chaotic expanse of stones resulting from immense ancient landslides.

Of great cultural and ecological importance are the mountain pastures of Tuena mountain hut, Pozzòl is Flavona, still used today, albeit less than in the past. In the central part of the Valley there is the Lake of Tovel, whose limpid waters take on incredible shades of blue and green. In the summer months, until the early 1960s, the lake was subject to a phenomenon of natural redness, unique in the world for intensity of color and extension.

At the origin of the phenomenon of redness of the water the presence in the lake of amicroscopic algae (for decades baptized as Glenodinium sanguineum, today renamed Tovéllia sanguinea), still present in the lake, but with much lower concentrations. This alga contains in the plasma oily substances colored by carotenoid pigments responsible for its characteristic Red.

In the summer, following the heating of the lake water, the algae rose to the surface with concentrations of 2-3,000 microorganisms per cubic centimeter of water. Since 1964 the phenomenon has never repeated itself. In these years the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, also born to protect this fascinating phenomenon, has collaborated in a complex research project, called S.A.L.T.O., which has identified the lack of nutrients in the lake waters as the most probable cause of the lack of redness.

How to get

By car to Cles or Tuenno (in the province of Trento), from where the shuttle bus to Capriolo and Lake Tovel departs. It is also possible to drive to Capriolo along the controlled traffic road and park in the paid parking area. From Capriolo to the Lake the road is limited traffic only accessible to the shuttle bus and to authorized residents.

The trails

From Capriolo start the path of the Ancient Sawmills and the Path of the Jars that leads to the lake, which can be traveled along almost its entire perimeter along the Path of Lake Tovel. In Laston, north-west of the lake, there is a fun equipped path, from the climbing wall to the Tibetan bridge, where you can experience strong emotions with the Val di Non Alpine Guides.

For info: Adamello Brenta Natural Park 0465 806666

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