July work in the garden

July work in the garden

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July offers a great variety of flavors and colors in the garden

According to horticultural calendar July is the month in which the seeds of many must be collected vegetables: peas, broad beans, watercress, chicory, parsley, onions, lettuce, celery, beans, forties, spinach, serfoglio, sorrel, cabbage, cabbage, radishes, radish. Many vegetables are instead to be transplanted: zucchini, poponi, tomatoes, aubergines and so on ...

As for the harvest, it can be said that almost all the vegetables in this month reach maturity, so you must be careful to harvest and consume everything in time, so that nothing is wasted. There vegetables ripens, in general, it soon spoils so it is necessary to pick it up as needed, but without letting it rot in the garden.

Here are the works of July vegetable by vegetable in alphabetical order:

Sorrel: sowing.

Chard or chard: sowing.

Carrots: they are sown.

Broccoli cabbage: they are sown.

Head cabbages: those sown in March are harvested.

Cauliflowers: they are sown.

Turnip cabbage: those for autumn and winter are sown.

Chervil: sowing.

Chicory in general: they are sown.

Onions: those sown in the previous October-November are torn for consumption or conservation.

Cucumberi: early in the month it is still possible to plant some varieties with small fruits, such as Russian cucumbers.

Watercress: sowing.

Ruca or rocket grass: sowing.

Beans in general: they are sown.

Sweet fennel: sowing.

Strawberries: the stolons are raised from the cine plants and the flowerbeds are cleaned of bad herbs.

Lettuces in general: they are sown for the autumn.

Poponi: the fruits are cimulated and thinned out.

Porri: sown for the winter.

Parsley: sowing.

Ramolacci: they are sown for the autumn.

Celery and celeriac: those sown in April are transplanted.

Valerian ortense: sowing.

Quarantine zucchini: on the first of the month they are sown again; those born earlier are transplanted.

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