Organic, controls too weak

Organic, controls too weak

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From 1 July 2012 the organic logo of the EU has become mandatory on all organic food prepackaged. The logo biological will be optional on unpackaged and imported products. But what is the use of introducing rules on bio logo if the EU's control mechanisms are too weak?

To bring to light the weaknesses of the control systems of the organic production it is a special report developed by the European Court of Auditors. The report examines the effectiveness of supervisory systems for organic production and evaluates how the various institutions involved have carried out their work in relation to both the internal control system and the management of the import regimes currently in operation.

The rules governing the denomination of the brand bio they are very strict and when a consumer buys a food with organic logo, you must be certain that you are purchasing a product that complies with the principles of biological. During the production chain, the various control bodies must verify in the field (at the producers, processors or importers) that everything is going according to law.

The report of the European Court of Auditors states that some competent authorities do not sufficiently carry out the supervisory role of control bodies. The data that emerged is alarming: some control bodies they did not meet the requirements established by the EU and did not implement some good practices. Another gap is related to the traceability of organic products, in fact, the competent authorities have difficulty in ensuring the traceability of a organic product within a territory and is even more difficult for imported products.

How can this be remedied?
Not only should competent authorities strengthen their supervisory role over control bodies, but the control bodies themselves should ensure that operators (producers, processors and importers) comply with the regulatory requirements on traceability and criteria for organic production.

What do you read on organic logo?
The code number of the control body and the place of production of the agricultural raw materials must appear in the visual field of the logo.

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