Hot water in the fastest computer in Europe

SuperMUC power and cooling system top view

And the faster computer in Europe, it is hot water cooled and consumes 40% of power in less. SuperMUC is the name of the supercomputer presented by the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) in collaboration with IBM, the former supercomputer commercial hot water cooled around the world: a powerful, high-performance system, designed to complement the activities of researchers and industrial institutes across Europe.

The new SuperMUC system of the LRZ was built with server IBM System x iDataPlex Direct Water Cooled dx360 M4, equipped with over 150,000 cores, to provide maximum performance up to three petaflops, equivalent to the work of more than 110,000 personal computers. For comparison, three billion people, each equipped with a pocket calculator, would have to perform one million operations per second to match the performance of SuperMUC.

The new revolutionary form of hot water cooling technology, invented by IBM, allows the construction of a system 10 times more compact, with a substantial improvement in peak performance, compared to a energy consumption 40 percent less than a comparable air-cooled machine.

Today up to 50 percent of energy consumption and carbon emissions of an average, air-cooled data center, it is not due to processing but to the power supply of cooling systems necessary. IBM scientists and developers have chosen to address this challenge with an innovative concept of hot water cooling, which eliminates the need for traditional data center air cooling systems. IBM's hot water cooling technology allows you to directly cool system components, such as processors and memory modules, with coolant temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

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