Gyms that produce electricity

Gyms that produce electricity

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In gym you pay to sweat, get on the treadmill and get tired like never before wasting a large amount of energy. The British company "The Great Outdoor Gym Company”(TGOGC) decided to take advantage of this power and he did it with the setting up of particular gyms capable of producing electricity.

In our world, so saturated with technology, we spend most of our time sitting comfortably, not only at work but also in our free time: sofa, TV, cinema ... it seems that the modern era has arrived to keep us in our chairs!

To counteract this sedentary lifestyle, we are happy to pay a monthly fee that ensures entry to facilities such as spas and gyms. We buy expensive tools like treadmills and benches, so while we try to burn calories, we waste a lot power. The TGOGC company has decided that no calories will be burned in vain!

TGOGC, already specialized in setting up gyms in public areas, has well thought of creating the Green Energy Gym Technology, a gym capable of exploiting the energy produced by motion to convert it into clean electricity.

The flagship of the British company is a heart-shaped gym that stands outdoors in Hull's SHaw Park. The gym is equipped with cross trainers, bicycles of all kinds, tools for measuring body mass index, height, weight and everything necessary to encourage the local community to lead a healthy life. The open-air gyms designed by TGOGC can guarantee full rigor even after sunset: it will be the motion of the athletes that will ensure the correct lighting of the entire center.

Until now, TGOGC gyms are only available in the UK but the phenomenon could be promising in the rest of Europe as well.

Video: Cameroonian develops an gym bike that generates electricity. (July 2022).


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