Green tourism

There are numerous forms of tourism and surely you have heard of sustainable hotels and environmental excursions. And if it wasn't monuments and cities that attracted tourists, but wind farms and electric cars? To make these proposed are some travel agencies.

Holidays by the sea, in the mountains or in the smart city? To ask this question are rather advanced tour operators. Among these we point out a Japanese travel agency, the JTB Group based in Tokyo. The agency offers completely sustainable travel packages with guided tours at wind farms and transfer to electric cars.

The destination is a volcanic island in the Philippine Sea. It is called Hachijyko Island and is located 300 kilometers south of Tokyo. Before proposing it as a tourist destination, the JTB Group did a lot of calculations with the green economy providing a wind turbine to take advantage of the ocean wind and numerous charging stations for electric cars. The electric vehicles made available to tourists are fully refueled by theelectric energy produced by the wind.

Until now, the island of Hachijyko has not been a popular tourist destination precisely because of the strong winds. The idea developed by the JTB Group and other entities made it possible to transform the ocean wind into a unique tourist attraction. L'wind energy will meet more than one third of the entire island's electricity needs. In addition, the island can also exploit geothermal energy.

Thus visits were born ecological guided tours and more than "ecotourism" we can speak of authentic green tourism where the protagonists are green technologies. Once on the island, those who are not interested in electric cars can use a wide range of electric bicycles available for daily rental.

The JTB group hopes that this project can only be the beginning so as to launch a brand new form of eco-sustainable tourism in the name of green tech. This would encourage the setting up of greener and more tourist-based cities and resorts renewables.

Video: The Brutally Honest Sustainable Tourism Video (January 2022).