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THE linoleum floors, often confused with PVC and rubber floors but have nothing to do with artificial materials. THE linoleum floors are made from raw materials of natural origin only, such as cork flour, wood flour and linseed oil and this ingredient also explains the name "linoleum“.

The linoleum bases its production on the exploitation of a natural phenomenon, theoxidation of linseed oil. This process creates a film called "concrete"In jargon that constitutes the basic binder for the production of linoleum.

How is the linoleum
Production takes place through the oxidation of large quantities of linseed oil. You get a lot of natural concrete which is left to rest for a certain period, cut into pieces and placed in the mixing plant. Subsequently, natural products are added such as wood flour, cork, calcium carbonate, resins and natural coloring pigments. A dough is obtained which is spread on a jute fabric and calendered. Finally, the linoleum it is subjected to seasoning in specific ovens at a temperature of 60 ° C for about 20/30 days. Here, now the films of linoleum they are ready to be wrapped and marketed.

Characteristics of the linoleum
The linoleum it has bactericidal properties that favors the reduction of mites and bacteria and thanks to its natural antistaticity it reduces the presence of dust and dirt. The linoleum floor it is available in different colors and has the characteristic of regenerating itself over time. Among the other advantages we see that it does not need maintenance.

How much does it cost and where to buy the linoleum
The linoleum it is purchased in rolls of 200 cm. in height and length up to 30 meters. The thicknesses are 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.2 mm. according to the degree of wear to which it must be destined. More rarely it is also produced in 60 × 60 cm plates. It costs around ten euros per square meter. The linoleum it is bought in shops specialized in the sale of rubber and PVC floors.

How to clean the linoleum floor
To wash the floor, simply wipe with a cloth dampened with water only and to obtain a deeper cleaning, you can also use a special detergent solution. In both cases it is important to remember that even if the linoleum it is a waterproof material but it can be damaged if the water stagnates for a long time. It is therefore advisable to always use a minimum amount of water and to immediately dry any excess.

Even to remove stains it is sufficient to use a cloth moistened with water. If the stains are more resistant, such as the unsightly black traces left by shoes, there are special white / red nylon discs to rub on the linoleum floor.

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