Ecotourism: the favorite destinations of Italians

Ecotourism: the favorite destinations of Italians

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Italy has all the cards on the table to push more and more towards sustainable agriculture and tourism compatible: territory, landscape, history, culture, food and traditions are the real added value of Made in Italy. Farmhouses and i natural parks.

According to the data presented by Coldiretti and Touring Club there is a growth of sustainable tourism, with a turnover of 100 million per year in the structures located within the protected areas. In Italy there are 25 national parks, but in all, among regional parks, oases and protected areas there are as many as 871 parks, about 10% of the entire territory of the Peninsula.

When choosing a tourist destination, the presence of naturalistic and landscape beauties have an incidence of 55%, followed by culture, art and history (49%), relaxation (33%) and entertainment (22%).


The choice for those who love nature and landscapes falls on Trentino Alto Adige while for those who love art and food and wine there is Tuscany, where we have reported the beauty and comfort offered by the rural but extra-luxurious of Castello Vicarello.

Sicily proves to be the best region for typical agri-food products, Emilia Romagna for the best value for money and Lombardy is established for its cultural choice. Other data from Italian Touring Club confirm that agritourisms registered a significant increase between 2000 and 2010 and over 50% came from across the border.

The collaboration between sustainable agriculture, which defends quality and does not damage the landscape, and a ethical tourism which tends to respect the territories, can allow an agricultural development of quality and well-being and an economic growth of Italian tourism.


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