Bioplastics from eggs

Bioplastics from eggs

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As the world's first biodegradable plastics spread, a team of British researchers is preparing to create the first plastic produced by egg shell.

Eggshells are currently disposed of in landfills, with such developments they could gain commercial value and start a new life in the form of iPhone covers, mice and many other plastic accessories. The research was developed by the University of Leicester and funded by iNet, a network that militates in the field of innovations in the food sector.

Thanks to the funding, scientists from the chemistry department of the English university were able to carry out a series of analyzes and come to the conclusion that, with the extraction of typical eggshell proteins, they could produce bioplastics. In addition, this extraction could also be useful in the pharmaceutical field.

The team specializes in so-called sustainable chemistry and studies alternative materials to fossil fuel derivatives. Scientists hope to use the innovative plastic as a filler for various types of objects. Reinforce the plastics of food trays up to the creation of special equipment.

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