Optimizing deliveries: more savings and less CO2

Optimizing deliveries: more savings and less CO2

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On the occasion of the WWF Earth Hour, the Cisco Italy company organized the "business travel free week", a week without travel and company transport; but what if there was a method to reduce energy expenditure related to company transport for 12 months a year? This is what the company offers Tellus, with its optimization software PathFinder. The software will be able to cut costs by 18%.

The Tellus company specializes in geographic computer systems.

Improve the quality of services offered by reducing expenses. This is the key element offered by the new software Tellus. The company needs are mainly two: to have a good production chain and to guarantee deliveries to customers in a short time. Deliveries and any business transfer can take place according to the criteria of energy saving, that is, minimizing the kilometers used and the time spent.

Speed ​​up and improve the business services offered reducing expenses of 18% between human resources, time and vehicles employed; this is possible by using an automatic optimization engine based on the road graph built from cartography Navteq. Why is it not enough to consult any street guide to optimize deliveries? Because it is not enough to calculate the shortest route, it is necessary to analyze everything in great detail, from the number of vehicles used to the road network, without neglecting the different nature of the delivery areas.

PathFinder converts the data into a binary graph and then calculates the best parameters to make a delivery. Each delivery will be worthy of attention, just set the destination to get the right recipe that will guarantee maximum efficiency savings.

By optimizing the delivery system, the number of vehicles used can be reduced and with it there will be savings on human resources, on the time invested and the service offered will be improved without forgetting the environment: optimizing delivery management means reduce emissions company CO2 so as not to exceed the limits imposed by law.

To fully understand how a company can improve its relationship with the environment and cut costs, it is very useful to see the so-called "virtuous cycle of optimization", the cycle that maximizes corporate energy efficiency and that will be triggered by exploiting the software made available by Tellus.

Fewer vehicles => fewer empty kilometers => reduction of fuel consumption => reduction of Polluting emissions (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, zinc oxide).

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