White pumps against expensive gasoline

White pumps against expensive gasoline

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The expensive gasoline is a more than alarming factor, in some petrol stations the "lead-free" it even touched two euros. For save on fuel there are those who point to white pumps; they are independent distributors, which supply fuel without being tied to the big brands. The white pumps have a reputation for delivering fuels at low cost, in fact we can describe them as "low cost petrol stations ". But where are these low-cost gas stations?

By the end of March 2012 there are 1986 white pumps throughout the boot. The fuel dispensers "no logo”Offer a fuel savings. Because they are defined as white, that is "no logo "? This definition arises precisely because they are not linked to the service of the large fuel distribution companies such as, to name a few, Eni, Esso, Q8, Total, ERG and IP. The white pumps they began to spread only in 2008, following the liberalization of the sector.

According to the estimates reported by, in one year you can save figures that amount to 120 euros without talking about immediate savings: fuel price it is less than that of the big brands by at least 5 cents per liter. In some periods, the savings go beyond 10 cents per liter. The most discerning consumers can obtain supplies from low cost service stations.

An excellent database is available online that will report the white pumps closer to you. This is the portal, after having accessed the site, will ask you to authorize the tracking of your position; it is necessary to consent to this request to take advantage of the service geolocation and locate the white pumps closer to your home.

The service excludes brands such as Repsol, Energia Siciliana, Beyfin, Omv and San Marco Petroli which, although they differ from the major distributors, in their chain include more than 50 fuel dispensing areas. Thanks to the technology of Google Maps with Street View, it will be possible to explore the streets and precisely identify the white pumps of reference. If also the price of gasoline offered by white pumps it seems too expensive, you just have to install a gas system on your car, in addition, many municipalities in Italy have joined an incentive program to finance the installation of the LPG or CNG system.

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