An ocean of plastics: network data

An ocean of plastics: network data

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Where does all the plastic what do we throw away? The problem is little addressed but unfortunately, on the surface of the waters of the globe, tons of waste float that give life to a rubbish dump in the open - or should we say in the open sea? -. A landfill that could cover more than half of the US territory.

There plastic is killing the Pacific Ocean, there is so much plastic in the ocean waters that the Dutch have speculated to group it together to create a large island that, extending into the northern Pacific Ocean, could recycle 44 million kilograms of waste. An island of 10 thousand square kilometers, a new continent made with waste.

If the vision of the environmentalists Dutch is still far away, the problem is not at all plastic which is destroying the fauna and flora of the world's oceans, in fact the plastic constitutes 90% of floating waste present in the oceans of the world. To give a complete overview of the situation is the portal "Great Pacific Garbage Patch”Which allows all users environmentalists to forward news and sightings of floating landfills.

Among the most chilling sightings, there is that of the American sailor Charles Moore who for miles and miles of navigation saw only plastic around his boat. To create the floating landfills, according to an American study, it was the circular currents that collected all the plastics present in the water and concentrated them in "offshore landfills". The largest is right there Great Pacific Garbage Patch which according to some studies occupies a territory that is three times the area of ​​Spain.

Yet the plastic it can be a very valuable asset. If properly recycled, it can give life to new objects, as shown by companies of the caliber of Ford that by recycling plastic bottles he equipped his new one Focus E of a very peculiar tapestry and ecofriendly. Another tangible proof of the importance of plastic was given by David de Rothschild, a former flirt of Cameron Diaz. David de Rothschild -see photo- is a wealthy environmentalist who built a 25-meter catamaran with the recycling of 12,500 plastic bottles.

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