Google at the top of the Greenpeace ranking

In ranking of IT companies more sustainable, Google ranks first. Excluded from the ranking are Apple and Facebook which, according to the jury, are not doing enough to protect the environment.

In the article "Google, giant of the web and champion of the Environment", the editorial staff of Our website had burned everyone over time by listing the eco-virtuous works of Google. Today the biggest search engine is praised by Greenpeace, which rewards Google for its works to safeguard the planet.

The study of Greenpeace is titled "Cool IT Leaderboard“, And it has now become an annual tradition. The ranking aims to assess the commitment that information technology companies invest in respecting the environment. In other words, every year Greenpeace sums up and studies all the companies in the IT sector to understand which of them are really committed, with concrete works, to protecting the climate.

According to Greenpeace analysis, Google has shown considerable commitment and achieved the best performance both in the United States (for clean energy) and in Europe. In the EU, Google has not acted by installing systems forrenewable energy but it has raised the targets on the reduction of greenhouse gases from 20% to 30%, at least this only in theory given that it is an excellent purpose to be implemented by 2020.

As for the policies supporting the climate protection in the US, at the top of the ranking there could only be Google, given that, as reported in the article previously cited, it moves about 500 million dollars in the Renewable sector. Regarding Facebook, Greenpace has softened especially after the latest agreements made with the social network but apparently Facebook it is not in Greenpeace's top 20 because it abandoned coal-related energy policies too late.

Even Apple's commitment was completely ignored, indeed Greenpeace he believes the group founded by Steve Jobs to be completely unrelated to eco-sustainability policies. The environmental association clarifies its position towards Apple in a press release where it states:
"Despite record profits and huge availability of funds to invest, Apple has not shown any leadership in the energy sector nor has it decided to exploit the opportunities and solutions already adopted by some competing companies".

edited by Anna De Simone

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