How to fit snow chains

How to fit snow chains

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In the cold and snow, driving safely is a difficult task. A main rule that every motorist must follow to ensure better grip on the road is that of fit snow chains. There are different types of snow chains each of which provides for different assembly procedures but attributable to the same descriptive model. The snow chains can be grouped into three different categories:
- rhombus, easier to assemble and which guarantee greater performance
-a Y, considered the middle class of snow chains.
-a ladder, they are the cheapest but also the most difficult to assemble

However, there are very new generation chains that require only a few hooks and pins for assembly. An example of this is the assembly of the chain visible in the video below. Before starting to explain how to fit snow chains, it is good to remember that the chains must be anchored only to the drive wheels, usually the cars are front-wheel drive, therefore they must be mounted only to the front tires. Only in case of all-wheel drive is it recommended fit snow chains on all four wheels. There snow chains they have two ends, first you will need to pass the end of the cable behind the wheel so that both ends protrude outwards so as to grab them and pull them upwards along the tread and be able to hook one end to the other. To facilitate understanding of what has been said, look at the figure below.

When the two ends are firm and will surround the entire perimeter of the tread, all the external hooks will be fixed. The external hooks are colored so that you just have to hook the hook to the end of its same color. At the end of the operation, the tensioning device must be tensioned, the system that will keep the chain taut on the rubber. As a precaution, it is better to take a small test drive to test the correct one assembly of chains. It is good to remember that the maximum speed limit is 50 km / h.

Video: Snow Advice: How to fit snow chains the right way (July 2022).


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